Michael Voong

Senior iOS Developer. First-class Computer Science & AI graduate, University of Birmingham

Coding is a craft, and to excel in this I incorporate tried-and-tested design patterns; write simple, readable, high-performance code; test extensively with unit tests and functional UI tests as part of continuous integration; love peer reviewing code; utilise modern software development techniques and work efficiently in an agile environment.

Commercial Experience

Syft – Contract Senior iOS Developer (April 2015 – Present)

Syft is a disruptive online recruitment application, changing the way in which job seekers are employed into the hospitality sector through simplicity, transparency and lower costs.

Working in the core founding team, I developed Syft on iOS using ReactiveCocoa, RestKit and Core Data.

The app model layer is unit tested, clearly separated into a different library using CocoaPods. The app build process and distribution to stakeholders is automated using industry best practices.

Laundrapp – Contract Senior iOS Developer (July 2014 – April 2015)

As the iOS expert in the team, I helped Laundrapp launch their app on time, synchronised to critical marketing deadlines. The app has been architected in a highly modular way, with reusable components crafted as Cocoapods dependencies. The app makes use of Core Animation, Google Maps, Core Location and Push Notifications in all the right places, implementing a pixel perfect design that Laundrapp’s visual designers and UX experts are proud to put their names on. – Contract Senior iOS Developer (April 2013 – July 2014)

I was brought on to accelerate development on the flagship iOS project and to inject expertise into the team in some of the more advanced areas of Core Data, UIKit, MapKit, Core Animation, framework architecture and automated functional testing. Years of experience enabled me to instil industry best practices in modern app development into the team, enabling the rapid development of next generation features. We embraced Scrum to keep work iterative and risks low.

Betfair – Senior iOS Developer (May 2011 – April 2013)

Betfair is an online betting service that handles more transactions than all of Europe’s stock exchanges combined. Here, I had the opportunity to work in a Scrum team on Betfair’s flagship, cutting edge, real-time applications with a focus on speed, reliability, user experience, quality, automated testing and maintainability.

Handmade Mobile – iOS Developer (November 2010 – May 2011)

I worked on the flagship product for Flirtomatic, an online dating site making extensive use of asynchronous networking interfacing with an existing backend, including COMET-style messaging for real-time communication and JSON decoding. Working with a product manager, two designers, a back-end team and UX team I was part of a small iOS team of only two, requiring me to be involved with all parts of the implementation. Key challenges included CoreAnimation, In-app Purchase, MapKit, advertisement SDKs, custom UI widgets & skinning and performance profiling.

Xibis – Web Applications Developer (September 2008 – November 2010)

My role as a web developer involved daily use of ASP.NET 3.5 / C# (3-tiered framework), JavaScript, XML, T-SQL (MS SQL Server), SOAP web services, XHTML & CSS. At Xibis, a software development agency, I worked as the lead developer on 9 separate projects from start-to-finish, including large players in the m-commerce market, Interflora ( and Thorntons ( (HTML5, progressive enhancement).

Other Notable Experience

HCI PhD Student (2006—2008)

My PhD work pertained to the design of an improved UE of mobile location-based communications systems. Take-aways include mobile application development and structured UI design, Facebook application development (Ajax, Google Maps mashups, FBML), international conference presentation experience, professional paper authoring and usability testing. This involved Java ME development interfacing with accelerometer hardware over Bluetooth.

User Experience Research Consultancy (2008)

Conducted a 2 week focused commercial and research review of context-aware systems for a leading mobile phone network corporation. Transferable skills include research skills and report writing to suit multiple audiences from senior project managers to UX design teams.

Undergraduate Web Course Tutor (2008)

Guided undergraduate computer science students in their course that involved XHTML, CSS, Javascript including AJAX and DOM techniques. Excelled in teaching and communication skills through marking and lab sessions.

Web Development Contract Work (2007)

Contracted for the consultancy and development of a large CMS for The BCS British HCI Group.

HCI Tutor, University of Birmingham (2007)

Small-group supervision for a user-centered interaction design module (groups of 5). Take-aways include developed knowledge in user-centered design process and verbal teaching/presentation skills.

Java Tutor, University of Birmingham (2006—2007)

University-level Java tutoring. Transferable skills include verbal communication to groups and visual communication in teaching materials. Opportunity was only available for high-scoring students.

User-centered Design Project, University of Birmingham (2006)

Dissertation focused on user-centered design practices and programmed in Java, making use of AI algorithms; achieved 90% mark and resulted in 2 conference publications.


University of Birmingham, UK (2003—2006)

BSc in Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science (1st class – 80% average)

Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College, Leicester, UK (2001—2003)

3 A’s at A-Levels: Computing [A], Design & Technology [A], Physics [A]

2 A*’s, 6 A’s and 2 B’s at GCSE

References available on request.

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