mobile usability

Nokia 6280 Mass SMS

I just tried to send an SMS to around 60 people telling them of my number change. Nokia have adopted a “place a check mark next to the names and we’ll add them all to the to: list” approach. I think “great!”, only to spend 15 minutes going through some 300+ contacts, adding the names to the list before being presented with an error saying “there was a problem adding all your contacts”.

I’m now left staring at a list of 10 names, and wishing I had not just wasted 15 minutes. Isn’t Series 40 supposed to be a smart platform?

mobile social usability

Facebook for iPhone

If you don’t know already, Facebook has an iPhone-optimised version of its desktop site. In some ways, the simple context + refine aspect beats the full sized version when you just want that quick fix. With this, I could imagine someone using a standalone touch screen purely for Facebook and putting it besides their desktop monitor.