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GraphicalHTTPClient – Aids REST API Consumption During Development

Found an awesome Mac AppStore app that makes it easy to perform HTTP requests and see the response body. From the website: “With Graphical HTTP Client, you can send an HTTP request to a server, specify any number of headers, and examine the response body and headers. If the response is HTML, you have the […]

iOS Boilerplate

An Xcode project designed to speed up development of new projects. Seems like there are quite a few things in it I can take inspiration from for my own code. What is it? This project is inspired on HTML5 boilerplate. It is intended to provide a base of code to start with It is not intended […]

Funny Article About Android vs iOS

Made me chuckle – an April Fool’s article by Ray Wenderlich – Why I’m Ditching iOS and Becoming an Android Developer.