Tea Room in Kent

My sister and brother in law recently made the leap to running a tea room and antiques store in Kent, called Where Memories Meet. If you’re in the Maidstone / Kent area, please drop by for an afternoon tea, cream tea or cakes and leisurely browse the beautiful antiques!

How to Remove a Mass of Stubborn Photos from Your iPhone

It’s tip time! Sync your iPhone a few times incorrectly and you may end up with a mass of stubborn photos that just won’t ‘delete after syncing’ to iPhoto. Over time this could become a huge collection of photos gobbling up precious storage space on your device, and this juggernaut of photos becomes far too […]

Xcode 4.3 Can’t Run OCUnit Tests

I was a bit frustrated when i upgraded to Xcode 4.3 and we started getting a SenTestCase symbol not found compiler error. A very useful comment by “Daniel” gave me the solution: The key is the Build Setting “Framework Search Paths”. It needs to contain the following values, in this order: $(SDKROOT)/Developer/Library/Frameworks $(DEVELOPER_LIBRARY_DIR)/Frameworks Thanks Daniel!