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iPhone Development

Working on an iPhone app! The image gives it away for those who knows me or knew me well enough. Keep your eyes peeled for a preview version! ^_~

Impact 2% of Developed or 80% of Undeveloped?

Conversation with friends – a banker and a trader reminded me of University of Cape Town’s Gary Marsden’s plenary talk at Chi 2007 about how there is so much to achieve in the undeveloped world where we can see immediate impact with people’s lives. Pondering over whether I should try to make a difference in […]

Google Chrome Beta – My Thoughts

I looked at Google’s Chrome browser by going through the walk-through clips, and it actually has some merits! People have complained about an increased memory issue. I can’t believe people actually worry about memory usage nowadays. Even my 2 year old laptop has 2GB of memory. I’m not here to slag off Chrome (it is […]