Huesic App

Huesic gives you a completely different way to organise your music collection – using colour! Join the thousands who have checked out this app now!

The app is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

What colour of music are you in the mood for?

Research in synesthesia has shown that many music listeners can associate colours to music. Huesic makes it possible to organise your music by tagging them with a colour you feel is appropriate for the song. Playing a group of songs is as simple as choosing a colour on your personalised colour map!

“For my morning shower the green stuff makes me more awake” – Anthony

“Orange and yellow music make my rainy days sunny” – Heidi

“Black and red music = gangsta, yo!” – Anonymous

“I tag all my soothing music using warm colours like brown for bedside reading” – Carolyn