Flirtomatic App 2.0

I’m glad to be able to announce the Flirtomatic app is now available on the app store!

I’ve been working on this since November and my gosh that was a large project! It has a pretty slick design courtesy of George. Great work Chris, Phil, Jason, Jean-Claude and Liz on the back-end – it’s been a battle but worth it! Fernando, the UX work helped so so much, great stuff! Mark, you can finally sleep without dreaming about Apple Push Notifications – give yourself a pat on the back you held this project together so well it’s unbelievable. Simon, great job on the QA, you managed to find and narrow down problems with such detail that almost made the problems fix themselves.

Finally, Chris G, I’ve learned so much from you so thank you for enlightening me on the iOS platform – you’ve taught me so much and have given me the confidence to realise that I can now code just about anything on the platform!

Check it out everyone, Flirtomatic’s here to stay 🙂

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