W910i J2ME Bluetooth Stack Problems


I’ve been programming with the W910i recently. Theoretically, it should be a great phone to work with. Plenty of optional APIs included, has a J2ME accessible accelerometer, BUT, Bluetooth keeps failing randomly with the following error message (in console output, testing in Java Developer mode using Sony Ericsson Device Explorer/Connection Proxy):

[Java/OJEX] bt.core[Util.raiseBluetoothConnectionException] FAILED_NOINFO

I’m using a separate thread that keeps making a serial profile connection (BTSPP://) to a GPS device that outputs in NMEA-0183 format. During random times (sometimes 20 secs, sometimes 5 mins) the thread locks up and any attempt to access it locks up that thread too. It must be to do with some of the bugs listed here – even after updating my firmware using the auto update within the device it’s not fixed. There seems to be no fix available anywhere!

I’m going to do a more simpler test later to see if it’s my code, but I doubt it will make any difference.

This is just a warning for those fellow developers out there tearing their hair out. For now, I’m sticking with Nokia phones and my Sparkfun accelerometer… Just need to re-solder that power connection!

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  1. That’s an expensive bit of kit. But looks fun to play with. What kinda projects of yours require an accelerometer? I thought you were into the whole “where am I” social business…?

    I’m sure you have other hobbies, and I too would be playing with that thing all the time if I had one!

  2. Even with the newest firmware R1EA030, my W910i often looses connection to bluetooth GPS receiver. This has been seen with 4 different applications. The same receiver and applications worked well on a W810i.

  3. I am experiencing problems with the bluetooth stack. The funny thing is that the problems apperared after performing a SEUS update to latest firwmare.

    Now my phone cannot maintain the bluetooth connection with the Hands Free for a normal phone conversation time, it does not even last 2 minutes.

    And the thing does not allow you to downgrade to a working versión of the firmware, not even by a SE service point.

  4. I have found a solution.

    I have downgraded the phone to R1CA039. It seems that the java version of this release (8.0, I think) is more stable as far a the bluetooth stack is concerned than R1EA033 (8.2, I think)

  5. I have a question.
    W910i(HSDPA ready) + google map(java) + BT GPS reciever
    Can it works together or not?

  6. my mobile model number is Sony Ericson W910i, my mobile is automatically restart every 10 minutes, so pls solve my mobile problem as soon as possible.

    dev basnet

  7. Try the R1FA035 !! its stable and had no restarting (which many ppl say & actually it just resets) problem. Cool !! Try Flashing it to this ! never had a single problem with this !

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