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I’ve tried Apple’s Mail application a few times before – the responsiveness of a native application to handle your emails cannot be replicated with a web application. One thing I have never figured out how to do is an easy way to select a different from address when composing a new mail. Outlook did this, Gmail allows this, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it in Mail.

Well, after searching around again, the solution goes like this..

Open -> Preferences -> Accounts -> Choose your account -> in the “Email Address” data entry field, add your aliases, separated by a comma. Save your account

You can even create faux accounts for this purpose. I had to do that for my .Mac aliases, because the “Email Address” data entry field is not active (it’s grayed out) on my default .Mac account name email address.

Now, when you compose a new email, your aliases will be in the “Account:” drop-down menu.

Apple really should have documented this a bit easier, or even made it obvious in the UI. I’m sure I’m not the only one who couldn’t find this…

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Thanks for documenting this. I ran into the same problem earlier and spend hours researching the solution. So annoying!

Yes, but even so this workaround does not allow you to set a different name for the From header but only the email address.

In GMail you can set the name as well. Let’s hope Apple Mail will have something similar at some point.

In addition to Michael Voong’s instructions if you would still like to prevent the previous “from” name from appearing on your emails, go to preferences, account information, and in the field where it says FULL NAME, remove your name, leave it blank and then save. This way, while you are typing your email, you can choose which email address you would like it to appear from and yet, not have the “From” name appear. For example … if you look at Michael Voong’s screen shot above, you will see his name still appears in front of each alternate email he created. With the instructions I just gave you, you will no longer see Michael’s name in front of those email addresses.

Thank you! This is a great tip – I also have accounts where I want the name in the from address to be different, but this helps me consolidate my 10 different email addresses where I do want to use the same name. ­čśë

I have tried and tried… I can send as the 2nd email address in mail but it shows up as being sent from the primary address… HELP!

Leaving a comment to say thanks.
I had been looking for a solution for a long, long time.
Never really knew what keywords on Google to use, and kept spending 10 minutes here to try to figure it out. Never got there, until I found this!
Thank you so much!

Thank you!!! You are awesome, I looked everywhere for this information. You’re right Apple needs to publish this so people can find this information. I set up a domain and use gmail as my forwarding email and then apple mail opens my gmail account but every time i sent a reply or email it kept sending my gmail email account name and not the email account i set up through my new domain. It works now though, thank you!

Unfortunately this solution is not available if the account type is Exchange. I also tried editing the plist file and even though I get the dropdown with the other account alias, it still sends from the primary account. I guess I have to wait for Apple.

Not sure why, but the emails I send from jamie@xyz are still showing as sent from my original gmail account, not my @xyz account.
Does it matter if the original account is set up as POP or IMAP? Mine is a gmail POP account.

This is doing my head in! I want to link a personal domain address to my icloud account. I’ve done it with my yahoo account but for some reason it will only let me receive emails, not send them. When I go to ‘accounts’ and select icloud, the ’email addresses’ field is grayed out. You say to create a faux account to get around this but which account details do I enetr to do this? Do i make one up?? Do I use my personal domain address? Because it is not an actual mailbox, it was merely intended to forward to my iCloud account. I’m confused and feel a little sick. Any help would be much appreciated.

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