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I finally took the plunge! You should be reading this either from a Facebook note entry (automatically imported) or directly at I’m excited – now I can start building my web presence through an appropriately named domain name! I decided to go with MediaTemple for hosting – although it’s hosted in the US, the feature-set is impressive, and I’ve been told the control panel is awesome. The setup process was quick and painless, and now I’m up and running with a WordPress blog!

The photos you see on the right have been imported from my Facebook account, and the calendar from Wooglecal. The calendar isn’t presented in the best way, so when I have the chance I’ll probably change it.

If anyone wants to get a domain name and link it to my hosting, let me know. I can offer you a very good deal! Personal domains go for less than £10.00 for a year, and can be easily bought from sites like 123-reg.

Thanks go to Matt Legend Gemmell for his modification of the DePo Clean WordPress theme. Sorry, I knicked your idea for the logo!

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So you’re using a GridService account? I was actually really tempted by that.. the fact that they boast about “burstability” seems like a good thing, you never know when you might get slash-dotted 🙂

My only reservation was that they’re based in the States, but maybe that’s not such a big deal, especially for sites that don’t exclusively have UK users anyway.

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